Currently raising funds to help the Hadza People!


No one wants to just throw money down a hole, no matter how good the cause sounds, so we've come up with the following fun rewards!

$10 -- Your donation will be greatly appreciated! We'll email you updates about the upcoming projects.

$20 -- We'll send you a handwritten postcard from in the country of the project. (in the unlikely circumstance that I get more requests for postcards than I can personally serve I'll hire a local to write and send them. 

$50 -- The above and I'll have a calendar made with pictures from the project and sent to you!. 

$100 -- The above and I'll send you a honey bear with local honey from in country!

$300 -- Sponsor a beehive! I chose 300 specifically for this, because that seems to be the "going rate" for a small cottage industry of having a beekeeper maintain a hive for you here in the States.  If you donate this amount we'll buy a beehive for the locals and paint on it your name, your company's name, or whatever you request.  You will be provided details of where it is and who it was given to, as well as pictures of it, as well as the above-listed items. 

$500 -- A great deal for your company or corporation: we'll print your logo and/or name on a good modern bee suit (protective coveralls with veil) and bring it with us (or if possible have it printed there, we always like to try to support the local economy if we can), and make sure you get ample pictures of it in use.  Good bee suits are always very appreciated and we've found whatever is printed on them turns out to be a highly visible evidence of involvement.

$1000 -- All of the above and a framed picture of the beneficiaries of the project with a plaque thanking you, suitable for hanging on your office wall. Also more than willing to work with you on this if you have any special requests.

$5000 -- Sponsor an entire project!  We'll make sure you get all the publicity materials your (corporation, presumably) deserves for this generous undertaking.  Since this is about the cost of putting on a project it will allow us to add an entirely new project to our schedule!