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Update: July 19th

Things have come a long way this year. We're now a legally incorporated non-profit in the state of California. Our project with the Hadza people in Tanzania is coming up in October, and we've made the necessary arrangements with people on the ground to expect our arrival, we just need funding! Desperately!

In additiona to that project, I (BAI "Beekeeper-in-Chief" Kris Fricke) will be participating in a Winrock International project (funded by USAID) starting around August 22nd in Guinea, and a Sweet Progress project (also USAID) in Nicaragua in November; and both of these projects if we can raise some funding we'd really like to send some much appreciated tools to accompany the projects.

Bee Suits

In the past, Orange County bee control company Bee Busters has sent their old bee suits with me on projects, but this resource is probably starting to run out (how many old suits can they have? They've donated upwards of 14 so far I think). One of our plans is to put something in the American Bee Journal asking the wider beekeeping community if anyone with old suits wouldn't mind donating them to us for transport to Africa. I'm sure, as was the case with Bee Busters, there are plenty of suits out there with rips and tears that we couldn't be bothered to fix but they'll fix up in a jiffy in Africa. Last year Bee Busters donated 10 suits all at once for the Guinea project and the beekeepers had all ten repaired and ready to go overnight!

To Do List:

(1) I'm going to try to update the blog once a week on Sundays. In addition to progress updates, there's plenty to say about previous projects. So check back once a week!

(2) The webpage is missing a few things. I know a lot about bees but I am not a website maker so please bear with us.

(2a) I realized the website doesn't have a contact us page yet, I'll try to figure that out. In the mean time if you can send me an email here.

(3) We need a logo!

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