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Camera Received!

I would like to thank MaiLien Le-Cassesso for donating a digital camera for the promising young photographer in the village of Sanpiring! She sent her old Sony Cybershot and associated charger and cords and case. The memory holds about 450 pictures. I greatly appreciate it and I'm sure he will too! I certainly hope I get a chance to come back a third time later and see the results.

As for me, lately, I've been traveling with three cameras: my DSLR, a point and shoot (panasonic lumix), and the camera on my phone. I've found each of the three has advantages in certain circumstances, and with the ability to charge batteries sometimes far between it's nice to have backups. As an avid photographer I would hate to be caught in Africa without a working camera!

Less than two weeks now until the return to Guinea!

#cameras #charity #Guinea #Africa

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