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Onward to 2016!

I apologize for neglecting the blog for awhile. First I was busy in Africa, then there was just a lot to process after that and to move on to my next project, training refugees in Australia. I (Kris Fricke) am in Australia now but Bee Aid projects will go on!

In the Autumn of 2015 I went to East Africa to do the Bee Aid project withthe Hadza People, which was fantastic and I've been meaning to make a post about it, will soon. The planned project in Zanzibar fell through because the elections were on and there ended up being unrest in Zanzibar, police breaking up crowds with teargas, all of that. Instead I went to Uganda to meet with the good people from a local development agency called APHIS. We visited various potential project sites in both the North and West of Uganda and I'll be putting together some projects there.

In addition to the Uganda projects and a potential return to the Hadza, there's still potentially Nicaragua (was postponed from last year due to unrest there as well), and two different potential projects in Brazil. And of course a return to Guinea with Winrock International.

This is more potential projects than I have time to do myself but I'm looking forward to getting some of the other fantastic beekeeping consultants I've met over the years involved. If, of course, we can drum up the funding!!!

Also I've made a new years resolution to post updates once a week so hopefully you'll be hearing more from us!

#beekeeping #development #agriculturaldevelopment

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